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We All Have a Story: Here's Mine

Do you ever do something just because somebody told you that couldn't do it?

As a kid, my family would refer to me as the "Blue Frog."

There's a Korean fable where this blue frog would always do everything opposite of what everyone said to do.

I guess I haven't really changed. No matter how hard I try, it's hard for me to accept the status quo.

If you, like me, want to design a lifestyle that is full of challenge, curiosity, culture, and crave conversation on a deeper level-- follow along with my blog as I share my thoughts about entrepreneurship, travel, and wellness.

Just how much of a challenge do I enjoy? Let me take you back to my first semester of college.

I was attending a school that was just too big for me to get connected with any of the professors, and I wanted to transfer to a smaller school.

I was in a learning community for freshmen enrolled in the business program. Before I could transfer, I had to speak with the head of the department.

I stepped into the meeting and prefaced my decision to transfer by acknowledging that I knew a lot of successful people had graduated from this program, but it just wasn't a fit for me.

The professor turned to me and asked what school I wanted to go to and I responded, "The King's College in New York City."

He looked me in the eyes and started laughing at my face. He replied, "You think that you are going to get a better education and more connections there than at this state school?"

...I gripped the cherry-colored arm rests, bit my tongue, and took a deep breathe. Two thoughts came to my head: 1) I can just really let him have it and tell him all of the ways I think he is letting his ego RUIN this program, or 2) politely decline and try to appease him.

I chose option one.

In life, everyone is always going to have an opinion of how you should live your life: who you should date, what you should do, how you should look, and even what you should say.

We will always have those two options: are you just going to accept the status quo? Or are you willing to have those uncomfortable conversations and challenge yourself to grow?

The truth is-- I was scared to stand up to him.

I didn't know if it was the right decision for me to make. I didn't know if I should move half-way across the country to a city where I didn't know a soul. I didn't know if I could actually handle the rigorous academics. I didn't know if I could make any connections or land a job.

But I did.

Obviously, a lot of other people did it too and continue to do the same. The problem with this scenario is that he doubted my capabilities without even assessing my strengths.

Just because you aren't thriving in one environment, doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.

Everyone is gifted with unique strengths and abilities and oftentimes, people are just misunderstood.

Peter Drucker, known as the father of business management, advises to always ask these questions before starting a project:

"What does the situation require? Given my strengths, my way of performing, and my values, how can I make the greatest contribution to what needs to be done? And finally, what results have to be achieved to make a difference?" (Managing Oneself, pg. 35).

Knowing yourself and articulating your strengths can make all of the difference in your personal and professional worlds.

My objective in starting a blog is to help women find confidence in themselves, challenge the status quo, live a happy and healthy life, and use that unique voice we've each been given.

I believe life is best lived when you think things that you've never thought, see places you've never seen, and try things you've never tried.

This is why I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, travel, and wellness.

If you've ever been in a situation where you've felt inadequate or belittled, I hope my writing can help you find confidence in your abilities.

It's my hope that you use that confidence to love your body, explore the world, and even start a business!

In a world where tomorrow is never guaranteed, I am choosing to use my voice and share my knowledge and experiences in hopes of helping even one person.

I'm not afraid to use my voice. Are you?

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