Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you help me write my content? No, but you can use the research we will conduct for you to structure your content. The Effortless Engine helps to propel YOUR voice, experience and advice. You need to speak directly to the pain points of your clients you observe on a daily basis. They want to hear your solutions and advice that is unique to you. 

Will you post everything on my accounts for me? Yes! You will need to give me access to your accounts so I can publish the content.

How long is the setup phase? There are four components for the setup phase: 1) Research and Market Placement, 2) Design and Graphics, 3) Record Intro/Outro 4) Activate Accounts. This takes up to two weeks to complete.

How do you process payments? Payments are completed through Quickbooks Invoices that accept credit cards and bank payments.

Is there a minimum contract commitment? Yes, 3-month minimum then month-to-month thereafter. Please give a 30-day cancellation notice.

More questions? Please setup a 20-minute phone call here.

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