Create 100 Pieces of Evergreen Content that Live on Forever

Just By Recording a 60-minute Video from Your Home Office!

The Effortless Engine will help you increase your influence by creating content for a YouTube Channel, Podcast Show,

Search-Engine-Optimized Blogs, LinkedIn Articles, Social Media Content and Email Newsletters.

Plus, we publish all of the content for you!


As a Thought-Leader, You're Too Busy to Produce All of Your Own Content... Am I Right?

The Effortless Engine is designed specifically for you, if...

         You're an author, speaker and thought-leader interested in growing your online influence.

         You're a successful thought-leader who would like to expand your online audience, but you don’t have a big marketing team yet.

         You'd like your online presence to reflect your real-life authority, but you’re rather bad with technology.

Even worse, your schedule is completely booked with in-person meetings and appearances

that you are neglecting your online presence and you're becoming forgettable!

Imagine If Your Content Marketing Could...

         Communicate your experience to an online audience and transform an entire industry.


         Amplify your impact (without all of the effort) with consistent content production.

         Propel your mission to change the world for years to come with evergreen content.


Create 100 Pieces of Evergreen Content that Live on Forever

Just By Recording a 60-minute Video from Your Home Office!

Go to Sleep with Peace of Mind Knowing Your Marketing Machine is Working 24/7

Save Your Time to Focus on What You Love     |     Continually Drive New Traffic to Your Sales Funnel     |     Build Your Authority

The Effortless Engine will help you increase your influence by creating content for a YouTube Channel, Podcast Show,

Search-Engine-Optimized Blogs, LinkedIn Articles, Social Media Content and Email Newsletters.

Plus, we publish all of the content for you!


Your 60-minute video recording will be broken down into four 15-minute segments.

Why? Because we want your content to be easily digestible for viewers on their commute.


This way, they are more likely to listen to your content on a frequent basis.

Each segment will discuss an evergreen topic (content that is always relevant to your business, not timely for today).


Each segment will be used as a lead generator to funnel your audience into your marketing funnel.

For each 15-minute video recording, The Effortless Engine will produce 25 pieces of evergreen content.

Checkout Everything that is Included:

YouTube Videos (Up to 15-minutes) + 4 Custom Thumbnail Covers

Podcast Episodes (Uploaded on 8 Platforms = 32 Pieces of Content)

Blog Posts (Up to 500 words + Search-Engine-Optimized Keywords)

LinkedIn Articles (to Boost Your Professional Authority)

Email Newsletters (to Engage Your Email List)

Audio Clips for Social Media (up to 60-Seconds Long)

formatted for LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram - 24 Pieces of Content

Quote Graphics for Social Media

formatted for LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram - 24 Pieces of Content

Are You Ready to Power Your Content Machine and Drive New Traffic to Your Platform?



Four YouTube Videos (Up to 15-minutes each) + Four Custom Thumbnail Covers 

Four Podcast Episodes (Uploaded on 8 Platforms = 32 Pieces of Content)

Four Blog Posts (Up to 500 words + Search-Engine-Optimized Keywords) 

Four LinkedIn Articles (to Boost Your Professional Authority) 

Four Email Newsletters (to Engage Your Email List) 

Eight Social Media Clips (Up to 60-seconds long) formatted for LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram (24 Pieces of Content)

Eight Quote Graphics for Social Media formatted for LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram (24 Pieces of Content) 


Thought-leader Ticket (1-Hr Strategy Call to Clarify Your Market Positioning and Goals)

Content Calendar for the Year 

SEO Keyword Research (25 SEO Keywords + 52 Content Titles) 

Branded Graphics for YouTube Channel, Podcast Show & Social Media Headers 

Podcast Intro/Outro Recording

Inside the Effortless Engine, You Will Get:

Inquire for Prices Below:

Storytelling on social media is an art and Alina has quickly become a master after training with me for 3 months. She learned how to help her clients grow their audience and drive sales. Alina is an asset to any company looking to use social media to grow the bottom line.

- Mike Lemieux, Former Disney Director of Influencer Campaigns

Here's What You Can Expect:

The Effortless Engine works in two phases: Setup and Production.


The Setup Phase is required to conduct market research and positioning, gathering keywords, brainstorming content ideas, access your social media accounts, create graphics and any necessary accounts. This takes two weeks to complete.

The Production Phase works in four stages: 1) Outline, 2) Record, 3) Edit and 4) Publish. Expect each stage to take a week to complete.


By the end of one month, you will have 100 pieces of evergreen content published on your platforms!

Alina has an acuity for innovation and is uniquely wired to stay on the cutting edge of trends that keeps her clients at the forefront of success. She is a fast learner and goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients.

- Anthony Flynn, Founder of Amazing CEO Business Consulting

To Work Together:

STEP 1: Click the button below to schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call. Let's meet over Zoom to ensure this service is the right fit for your company. If we are a good fit, I will email the Setup Fee via email from Quickbooks. Credit cards and bank payments are accepted.

STEP 2: Then, we will schedule a 30-minute - 1-hour appointment to get your Thought-leader Ticket at your earliest convenience.

STEP 3: After you have your Thought-leader Ticket, we will work together to begin giving us access to your accounts and I will setup any new accounts we will need.


STEP 4: In two weeks from the strategy session, the Setup Phase will be completed.


STEP 5: Then, the Production Fee is required to begin the Production Phase. One month after the Production Fee is paid, you will have 100 pieces of evergreen content published on your platforms!

NOTE: We will launch to the public when we have two episodes ready. We always want two episodes in the pipeline.

Alina is creative and strategic. She has streamlined processes and provides clear and concise analytics. Her professionalism and fresh perspective are an asset to businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

- Mia Martin, Founder of Modern Créatif Digital Marketing Agency

I help authors, speakers and thought-leaders build their authority with content marketing. I am passionate about helping thought-leaders spread messages to help make people healthy, wealthy and wise. I'm here to remove your frustrations with technology and marketing so you can do what you do best!

Hi! Its Alina, Your Creative Conductor.

You Know You're In the Right Place If...

You're an entrepreneur ready to add marketing support to your growing consulting firm.

You love your industry, but you zone out when you hear the details of marketing.

People say you should start a podcast, YouTube channel or a blog.

You know your message down to its core and you're ready to use a streamlined system to add gasoline to your fire.

You are not struggling to get your first clients.

You are not tech-savvy.

You just want to sit at your desk, talk into the camera and not deal with any of the production.

Are You Ready to Climb Aboard The Effortless Engine?

Let's Start Your Journey Today!

Will you help me write my content? No, but you can use the research we will conduct for you to structure your content. The Effortless Engine helps to propel YOUR voice, experience and advice. You need to speak directly to the pain points of your clients you observe on a daily basis. They want to hear your solutions and advice that is unique to you. 

Will you post everything on my accounts for me? Yes! You will need to give me access to your accounts so I can publish the content.

How long is the setup phase? There are four components for the setup phase: 1) Research and Market Placement, 2) Design and Graphics, 3) Promote to Your Network, 4) Activate Accounts. This takes up to two weeks to complete.

How do you process payments? Payments are completed through Quickbooks Invoices that accept credit cards and bank payments.

Is there a minimum contract commitment? Yes, you can choose a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year contract to remain locked in at these rates.

More questions? Please setup a 15-minute phone call here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thought-Leaders, Imagine This:

A library of valuable content that connects with new viewers,

without spending hours and hours editing and producing. It's possible!

Sign-up today to propel your platform into new territory.

Power your content engine without any of the effort.

The world is waiting to join your journey.

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